Feria de Antiguedades Plaza las Americas 2013.

I participated in Plaza las Americas' annual Antiques Fair from september 9th to the 22nd. My lovely booth was located in front of GAP, on the first floor of Plaza las Americas. I personally worked the booth everyday, from 9 to 9, and sundays from 11 to 7. I had some help on some days, but I worked the booth completely myself. This was the first year I did this, and although it beat me to the core, I would not have had it any other way. It was an incredible experience : I met dozens of people, met hundreds more and gave out thousands of business cards. All my faithful friends and fans came to see me at Plaza, and got the great news that I was moving the shop to Avenida Winston Churchill #177, El SeƱorial. Everybody I talked to about the move was thrilled, which set my fears to rest about the acceptance of another move for Ouna's Closet. 

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This is the 3rd year Ouna's Closet has participated in the Antiques Fair, and it always delights me how everyone I know comes to visit me in Plaza and how much attention my booth gets. I met so many awesome people, said goodbye to a few faithful friends who were leaving Puerto Rico permanently (so many tearful goodbyes I have had to go through this year!) and wanted to take some Ouna's treasures with them, and sold some of the most amazing vintage jewelry I had been hoarding just for the fair.

Every year I am amazed at how little older people really understand the vintage concept in Puerto Rico. Their association with "old, dirty, used" was blatantly apparent from their reactions and their questions. Not the younger generations; they understand, wear, love and seek out vintage with a vengeance. And it's also not the entire older generations that don't get what vintage is. Many, many of my loved clients are older men and women who understand and appreciate my vintage collections and the work that I do to get them together. How I sift, search and select very carefully the things I sell at my shop. It's actually a cross-section of puertorican society, mostly middle of the road, that see vintage as negative and unwanted, rather than appreciate it for it's historical value and relevance to modern fashion. It also is very interesting how these same people associate the old stuff they have in their closets with money-making in Puerto Rico now. I had so many people ask me if I bought their old clothes, offering to bring me their modern cast-offs from macy's, old navy, kress, and other bargain stores to sell. This is fueled by the current economic state we are living in, as much as the blatant ignorance of most people as to what vintage really means.

It felt awesome to educate and give out information about what I do and my concept. It also helped that my booth was colorful and vibrant, and my merchandise was clean, in excellent condition and the jewelry was perfect for it's age. Being very selective about the condition and quality of my vintage collection made me stand out from other vendors. Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's covetable, collectible vintage. It also has to be in good to excellent condition, be relevant to modern fashion, and in the case of jewelry and accessories, be wearable, intact and in new/almost new condition. People were surprised at how young I was and was running a business that is all about "old things" and how much I knew about it. That gave me more confidence to keep going forward with my plan of making vintage "normal" in Puerto Rico.

All in all, the Antiques Fair in Plaza Las Americas was a huge success. I was happy to be there for the two weeks, but so glad when it was over and I could continue to plan the rest of my moving Ouna's Closet to Ave. Winston Churchill and go back to my life.

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