Halloween Costumes : Vintage Style.

Most people turn to their local Party City or Halloween store to get their party costumes for All Hallows Eve.  With a little creativity, a small budget and some DIY tips you can make your own unique, special, one of a kind costume incorporating vintage. Here's some inspirations to get you started!

 This is one of the easiest ones to pull off. vintage black dress, lace applique glued to the collar, gold spray painted dollar store mask, et voila! Seductress of the night.
 Cleopatra, Cleopatra. vintage waspie waist dress (to which you take scissors and cut the decolletage in front), bob wig that is braided all in the front and gold painted plastic beads added at the ends, vintage 80's earrings, arm cuff made with copper beader's wire and simple pliers.
 Become your favorite burlesque queen by taking a two piece swimsuit, gluing sequins and beads all over the front, sides and back, score a vintage hat and gloves, or make a headdress out of large feathers and a simple elastic band. Easy peasy.
Be gothic Holly Golightly with a vintage black dress, black lace tights, black pillbox hat and gloves, and a feather brooch
 Channel Florence Welch or Frida Kahlo with a vintage white butterfly sleeve gown and a big blooming flower crown.
And, of course, Cher. This one is pretty easy too: black long sweater, white collar shirt (can be short or long sleeved), and checkered mini-skirt. Shopping bags stuffed with newspaper are necessary to complete the look, and don't forget the white knee socks and black loafers.

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