Presidents' Day Movie : Heathers.

"Real life sucks losers dry"
Today is Presidents' Day, one of those days that for puertoricans doesn't mean a lot, but we get at least a half day off, so I'm not complaining. Bring on the sun!

One of my top 50 movies is Heathers. How can you not love this movie : before the Jawbreaker clique, before Clueless, before Mean Girls, there were Heathers. Coming off the fierce optimism that most teen 80's movies had (which I also love, don't get me wrong) Heathers came out in 1989 to usher in that last stand of 80's teens into the grunge-angst 90's. Love the fashions, the story, and Christian Slater/Winona Ryder's sizzling chemistry.

And who can forget Veronica's perfect delivery of the line : "Lick it up baby, lick it up".
One of the most important (and little known) facts about Heathers is that the ending of the movie wasn't supposed to be the way it was at all. You can somewhat tell, or at least scratch your head a little about how positive the movie ends after 1:45 mins of whirlwind teen reality. To end the movie with Martha Dumptruck and Winona Ryder deciding to watch movies on prom night and walking off into the sunset (erm, hallway) together, seems just a little too much John Hughes-esque for this movie. The real story is that the movie ended originally with Veronica killing JD in the boiler room, and then walking out of the school with the bomb strapped to her chest and blowing herself up to "wipe the slate clean". Film executives thought the somber ending to the movie was too extreme for audiences, and had the director change it last minute. 
In retrospect, such a somber ending would have cemented this movie more into the collective consciousness as the movie that ushered in the 90's angst-ridden decade of anti-social teendom.
In the end, I'll take it anyway as a great teen movie. 

Want more? It goes to 11 blog has a great post called "33 reasons why we love Heathers".

Enjoy your Presidents' Day! Go to the beach!

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