Spring 2014 Inspirations : Tropical Vintage.

There's something so nostalgically decadent about a great tropical print : the palms, the marred blend of colors, the carelessness of wearing it with anything, memories of that vacation that you took just after graduation, before life got so complicated. It didn't matter if you were on vacation and pegged a tourist for wearing a tropical print sarong/shirt/skirt/dress, with your tropical drink, on that tropical island: You were ON VACATION, and you were living it up like there was no tomorrow.

This spring is all about tropical graphic prints for me; albeit the 90's grunge influence is huge, with lots of denim, patchwork and bodysuits to go around at our shop, I have still found time to stock tropical prints in midi skirts, shirts and tops that will take you from the weird rain/sun weather we have been having lately, into the beautifully musty sunny days of spring.

more prints to feast your eyes on after the break:

Come check out our Tropical Collection, now available at Ouna's Closet. xo

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